What can Web Analytics do for me?

If web analytics are new to you, you might have a few questions. Besides knowing what web analytics are, even more importantly, you’ll want to know what they can do for you. How do they work to better optimize your website, what do you stand to gain from web analytics, and how can Scientifica help?

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a web site, or a mobile app, is used by its audience and how to optimize its usage. Web analytics does not purely focus on the amount of traffic, which might only be helpful in evaluating your bandwidth usage and server’s capabilities, and instead focuses on in-depth comparisons of available visitor data, referral data, site navigation patterns, and the amount of traffic you receive over any specified period of time.

Analytics integrated in your site

All of our design packages include Google Analytics and our one-on-one support in getting you real results from your analytics by providing the marketing and technical how-to to get your statistics working for you. Find out what makes your current customers happy and how to win new ones over.

Establish and reach your audience

With the ability to reach customers everywhere, from websites and social media, to videos and ads, and across multiple devices, Scientifica can help you understand the “who”, “where”, and “how” of your audience.

Consider the “who” – understand your audience

Scientifica will help you analyze your visitor traffic so you can understand who visits your site and what makes them tick. Knowing your audience helps you shape and tailor your marketing approach.

Consider the “where” – trace the path

Your customers’ locations and the routes or devices they use to reach you offer important information that helps you improve the visitor experience. Scientifica can help you smooth the road from audience to customer.

Consider the “how” – understand the interaction

Knowing who your audience is and where they go to get to you is great, but assessing how visitors interact with your site is key to maintaining a website that is enjoyable to use. Scientifica can help you gain insights into what your visitors are looking for on your site and implement functions that give them what they want.

Convert visitors into customers

Find out how your viewers go about becoming customers by measuring how your customers truly use your website’s key features. With Scientifica’s services, which include Google Analytics, you’ll get insights into what sealed the deal for your customers and the knowledge to improve your campaigns and expand your audience and conversion rate. Stay relevant with Scientifica.

Achieve your performance goals

Scientifica will help you break down your Google Analytics so you can see the performance of your marketing approaches across all digital platforms. By gaining insights into how each campaign is doing, you’ll be able to better gear your attention and resources to those that work best.

Cohesive marketing

Scientifica can help you ensure that all your marketing actions work together through the use of remarketing and real-time reporting. See the effect of your message as soon as it reaches your viewers. When Scientifica integrates these measurements into your website, you can be sure each element of your marketing approach fits.

Maximize your capacity

Get reports that show both the speed at which your page loads and if high visitor volume is causing any crashes. With Google Analytics reports, Scientifica can help you pinpoint these problems, which can impact your sales, and offer solutions.

Insights and How-To

Turn your Google Analytics into real results with Scientifica. From choosing the right content, to testing campaign performance, we’ll help you gain insights and provide the marketing and technical how-to to get your statistics working for you. Need to share your progress and results with your team? We’ve got that covered too.

Knowledge, to strategy

Maintaining a competitive website and marketing strategy begins with knowledge. Let Scientifica help you compare different strategies, through our one-on-one support in interpreting Google Analytics, to keep your efforts on track.

Share your insights

Keep everyone in the loop with Scientifica. With Google Analytics custom built into your website you can create reports and dashboards to share with your team. These reports are customizable, so share what you want, with who you want. Keep on top of any big changes in your traffic patterns by setting up customizable notifications.


App-Specific Metrics and Dimensions
Access to metrics and dimensions are important if you track the traffic for an application. The Google Analytics for Mobile Apps can give you screen views, sessions, app version, and screen size.

Browser / OS

The browser / OS report shows what people use to view your site, the operating system (Windows, Mac), the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera etc), and their version. That way you can make smarter decisions about the site design and layout.

Flow Visualization

The flow visualization report lets you analyze the path your visitors take. You can see where the visitors come from, the pages they moved through, and how they exit your site.

Map Overlay

This report allows you to understand the real origins of your traffic broken down by continent, country and city.

Mobile Traffic

The number of users browsing your site from a mobile device increases every day. By analyzing this report you can make design decisions, consider a responsive design site, a separate optimized site for mobile, or a native mobile app.

Social Reports

The integrated web and social data reports show you the impact that social media has on your business goals and conversions and offer an overview of web content and community activity.

Traffic Sources

The traffic sources report allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your referrals, direct traffic, organic keywords, and custom campaigns.

Site Search

Site search reporting helps you see what your visitors are really looking for allowing you to optimize missed opportunities and speed up time to conversion.


Define your own goals to measure your sales, downloads, and conversions. Use the reports to see how you can optimize the user interaction to help meet your objectives.

Event Tracking

Use the Event Tracking report to measure activities like downloads, ad clicks, video plays, and other page elements.

Real-Time Reporting

With real-time reporting, you can see how many people are on your site right now, and instantaneously measure the results of marketing campaigns, tweets, and blog posts.

Advertising Reports

This report helps you determine the results of your paid advertising campaigns and view conversion rates and returns across all digital channels.

E-commerce Reporting

You can identify the best-selling products and most powerful promotions using the e-commerce report. You can see what customers purchase and understand shopper behaviors by tracing the transactions right down to specific keywords.

Site-Speed analysis

The site speed report shows the load times across the site, allowing us to troubleshoot and optimize the pages, making your visitors happier.