Web Design
With hundreds of webpages available to your potential customers or clients, with the option to skip over your website just one click away, having an eye-catching look is the most sure-fire way to ensure their eyes linger long enough to peak their interest.

Looks, and function

But don’t be just a pretty face. Building an effective website goes beyond aesthetic design. Once these potential clients opt to click through your site rather than skip over it, only a creative and intuitive navigation focused on the best usability will keep them on your site long enough for them to consider your services.

On-point, from every angle

Our approach ensures that your marketing vision and brand direction are on-point and go hand-in-hand with a website that turns heads. Set yourself apart by having the whole package and pushing your site towards its full intended use – as a strong marketing tool.

Website Mock-ups

Why Scientifica?

With over 20 years of experience in web design and development, our projects have ranged from websites for small to medium businesses, to large-scale business applications, totalling in the hundreds of thousands.

Whatever your project or budget goals, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Award-winning design

Our services can help you leverage your online presence and provide the following:

  • Personalized plans to meet your project and budget needs
  • Cutting edge and award winning designs by some of the best designers in the industry
  • Customizable services ranging from design, or redesign, projects for websites to business or personal blog designs to social media profile designs.

Not too much, not too little

Our philosophy involves taking a clean approach to both design and function. In terms of design, we understand that visual extravagance may be essential to maintaining brand images, however, in cases where extravagance is not the name of the game, such an image would be distracting at best. When it comes to function, if flashy graphics and pop-ups are not resulting in revenue in some way, it’s best to keep things simple, especially since these features may slow the loading time and hinder the usability of your site, ultimately driving viewers away.

Create flow

Importantly, our designs are steeped in experience and knowledge of the functionality and usability of websites; both key to success on the web. By carefully organizing a “drill down” or “design hierarchy”, that is, breaking down and arranging each element on your site by order of importance, we can help improve the flow of the site; grabbing your viewers’ attention and keeping it longer.

Intuitively clean

A website designed with us provides:

  • Clean, unobtrusive design with tasteful, eye-catching use of images, fonts, and graphics
  • A smoothly functioning site with all elements incorporated seamlessly into the layout
  • An organized, user-friendly site with clear fonts and informative, yet concise, content
  • Intuitive navigation that’s easy-to-use for all viewers

From the ground up

By leveraging the latest in technology and techniques, access to the best platforms, and a sound approach, we build your online presence from the ground up to help you push your message further.