Design mock-ups
If your current website is outdated, or not converting your viewers into customers at the expected rate, consider a redesign by Scientifica. Remaining viable in e-business means increasing sales, keeping existing customers and securing new ones. With millions of competitors, companies must revise, re-position, and apply current technology to their sites.

The redesign process

We work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises, and every redesign project starts with a complete assessment of the current site, as well as, defining the scope, goals, and budget.

Based on the definition of the project, we may consider all of the steps outlined below, or just a subset. The next step is presenting you with some innovative options, taking into consideration all data from the preliminary report.

If you’re interested in an optimizing makeover for your site, please give us a call or fill out the contact form.

  • Assess site

    The first step for a successful redesign of your website is a thorough assessment of the current state of the site, and presenting a full report. What works, and what doesn’t from design perspective.

  • Define requirements

    By working closely with you, we identify the project goals, the business requirements, the budget, the CMS platform, and a set of metrics that help measure the success of the new site.

  • Review web stats

    We review your current web stats to gather as much information as possible about your pages to understand who visits your sites and identify the audience and the search terms.

  • Usability study

    We use various techniques and tools to evaluate the current site and the proposed site by testing it on real users using specific scenarios. It helps us optimize the site by using user-centered design (UCD).

  • Information architecture

    The information architecture (IA) is an essential step in categorizing and organizing the information on your site into a coherent structure that’s easy for the intended audience to understand.

  • Create wireframes

    The next step is to create the wireframes for the essential pages. These are schematic, black and white blueprints that outline the page layouts, the content and visual elements, and the navigation.

  • Review and feedback

    At this stage, we can present a proposal that has an accurate price tag and includes details such as: number of pages, site map, wireframes, content strategy, platform, project phases, deadlines, additional functionality, etc.

  • Graphic design

    Here we add the final visual elements, and the previous wireframes morph into design mock-ups. Data gathered in the previous phases is used to produce a unique concept, in line with the marketing goals.

  • Confirm and sign off

    Before moving to development, we have to make sure all visuals are aligned with your vision and business objectives. We review all mock-ups with you, incorporate any feedback, finalize all comps and get the sign off.

  • Development

    Here is when our development team gets into action. Depending on the nature of the site, we set up a CMS, develop the back-end, UI elements, and any custom code and implement the pages based on the mock-ups.

  • Content migration

    Some of the old content needs to be migrated, some brand-new content might be required. We can either work with your marketing department, or we can have our copywriters come up with new material.

  • Quality assurance

    While QA happens at every stage of the project, this is the time for the final check before release. Our QA team performs various tests on navigation, user interface controls, all public and administration pages, etc.

  • Publish the site, final release

    The production site is provisioned, and we execute the final steps: configuration of the CMS, security, deployment, publishing of all pages, etc. The QA team works closely with you to perform the user acceptance tests.

  • Training

    Unless you’re familiar with the CMS platform and the publishing workflow, we organize a series of training sessions, and we walk you through the typical steps of adding and managing the content.

  • Ongoing support, maintenance

    We are proud to provide ongoing support to all our clients via a ticket system, email, or phone. Typically, we offer web hosting and we are here to help with any operational aspects as well as any future enhancements.

Update with a redesign

Whether you need an up-to-date look or improved functionality, with Scientifica on the project, you get:

  • A website that not only looks great, but provides a better conversion rate
  • Unique design customized for your business
  • Improved user experience
  • Modern technology and support for mobile devices
  • A boost in your online marketing ROI
iPad Mock-ups

What we do

We do a lot of redesign work and help our clients significantly improve their websites. Scientifica can help by:

  • Offering the skill sets necessary to complete your redesign project from graphic design to marketing ins-and-outs
  • Providing the input of not only web developers, but successful business people who are concerned with ensuring your investment turns profit
  • Applying our experience from having redesigned hundreds of websites for small to medium businesses.
  • Completing your project on time with a customer-centric approach and an exhaustive project management system

Talk with us here at Scientifica today to find out what a website overhaul could mean for you.